Making Sense of your Senses!

Making Sense of your Senses! – 5 Step Guide 

Lets take a closer step, to experiencing our 5 senses! Most of us have a preferred sense that we automatically use – seeing, hearing, touching/feeling or even smell and taste, however we also experience the other senses, at any given moment.

Tuning into each of your senses one at a time, can be a very powerful yet simple tool, to notice more of what you are experiencing around you and internally. I wish to share a little technique I used the other day, which calmed my mind and allowed me to become relaxed in an instant.

So, I was taking a gentle walk (this will work and can be adapted with any activity you are carrying out, maybe trying this out on things you enjoy e.g. taking a shower) and I started to play around and paid real attention to each of my senses in turn, taking it all in.

5 Step Guide 

Go at your own pace! I spent roughly 3 – 5 minutes being curious about each sense individually.

  1. What you can see (visual) What is surrounding you, are there any other people, what nature is around you e.g. flowers, trees, the sky, clouds, the sun (360 degrees), how bright or colourful are your surrounds
  1. What you can hear (audio) What noises and sounds are around you, is there a breeze, are there birds chirping, any cars, music, voices etc. – including tone, pace, rhythm
  1. What you can touch/feel (kinesthetic) What do the clothes feel like against your body, how does the sun/breeze feel on your face, how do you feel – warm, happy, comfortable, relaxed, free, confident, energized, positive
  1. What you can taste (gustatory)Notice any flavours you can taste, such as ice cream or salt from the sea
  1. What you can smell (olfactory) Notice any smells and changes to smells, such as the smell of grass, rain on its way or even fresh air!

Make it your own moment and most of all….. relax and have fun with it!

Call this part of Mindfulness, being 100% in the present, Sensory Awareness or Sensory Acuity – as often referred to in the world of Coaching with NLP (Neuro Linguist Programming). This is something I even do when I’m washing a few pots, stuck in a traffic jam or taking a work break!

Being a Qualified Coach, if you choose to use NLP tools as part of Coaching, I allow you to explore your 5 senses at your own pace, alongside a technique called Submodalities. Submodalities are about positively enhancing good positive memories/experiences or even dulling/fading, replacing or removing bad negative memories/experiences, so that they are just right for you. These are then supported by using an extensive range of tools, techniques and models, to suit your needs, so that you successfully achieve the positive ethical desired state and outcome that you wish, the choice is yours. e.g. confident instead of nerves or low self esteem, relaxed/calm instead of anxiety or panic attacks, overcoming a phobia/fear such as flying, heights, social anxiety, injections etc

These desired states link in with Coaching, if however your preference is to not use these NLP tools, then your Coaching sessions are, as always designed to be flexible and in line with your choices and personal requirements, to successfully establish and achieve your goals and aspirations in life.


Joe Roe Xxx

My “Positive Actions Tree”

The first section of the Serenity Prayer always reminds me of the "Worry Tree". Thankfully I came across this special tree, when participating in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I found it meaningful, useful and beneficial. Since discovering Coaching, I also use many Coaching Techniques too.

I was returning back to work after my 1st Bipolar Manic Episode and was experiencing high levels of ANXIETY and work related STRESS at the same time. I printed a Worry Tree image from the Internet and pinned this up in my work space. There are loads of different designs, with the same principle, available for you to choose from. 

It helped significantly with reducing my stress and anxiety levels. It had the added benefits of allowing me to let go of unnecessary thoughts/feelings, cleared my mind, becoming more focused and organised, improved good decision making, allowing me to have more concentration, especially on what was important to me and taking positive action. It was also a positive tool to use for my General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) diagnosis too or at times of feeling overwhelmed. One of the purpose of the Tree is to also help you determine Hypothetical situations (the what ifs) and the actual current situation. 

I would personally call it something else such as the "Positive Actions Tree" and change some of the wording however I would recommend for you to..... give it a whirl! 
So next time you have any worries, anxieties, stresses or concerns, experience it for yourself, to find out if it is useful to settle, calm and relax your mind. 

Joe Roe x

Local Newspaper Article

My Bipolar Journey to Serve YOU!

I have been fortunate enough for the local Chad Mansfield Newspaper to publish an article about my Bipolar Journey. This includes how COACHING has been a huge part of my WELLNESS, my life DREAMS and my GRATITUDE for the support network around me. 

This has especially lead me to where I am today, to serve you by coaching together, on your own unique personal Mental Health and Life Journey. 

My wish is for this to inspire you and to express that there is hope that you can follow your aspirations to live a full life of purpose. 

Joe Roe x 

Full link to article:

Coming soon…

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